Ticketportal in Europe

In Slovakia, we operate and cooperate with over 350 points of sale.
CzechCzech republic

In Czech, we operate and cooperate with over 6500 points of sale.

In Hungary, we operate and cooperate with over 160 points of sale.

In Poland, we operate and cooperate with over 44 points of sale.
TICKETPORTAL is a central Europe ticketing operator, which sells tickets in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. We currently operate a ticketing network with over 1 800 points of sale.

Ticketportal has been one of the pioneers of ticketing and ticketing systems in Slovakia since 2000 and Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary since 2001. Our first, and principle partner is the National Theatre in Prague which has been using the ticketing system since 2003.

Following this we implemented our in-house software solution in many theatres, venues, clubs and leading arenas. We became a strong and flexible partner in ticketing services for the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2004 and 2011, FIBA World Championship in 2010, the Davis Cup and many more.

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